Just a week ago, I had a plumber at our home repairing a faucet.  While shutting off the water main in the basement he let me know our sump pump and battery backup were nearing their life expectancy.  My response to him was, “How can that be when they are new?” New to me was a few years ago, 5.  Apparently, five years is the life expectancy for both a sump pump and a battery backup.

 We ordered a new sump pump and battery backup and scheduled the install for a few days later.  It has now rained four days straight and I am thankful to have new and working equipment.  I’ve seen a lot of social media posts of flooded basements and standing water in the yard.  I’ve received a few emergency calls this week for new sump pump installation. 

 The homeowner investment of a working sump pump and battery backup is exponentially less money than an insurance claim.  It didn’t occur to me that I should have a battery backup until we experienced a power outage for 14 hours.  Bucketing water out of our sump pit lit by scented décor candles and flashlights nearly did me in.  With an incredible amount of extension cords running up the stairs and through our house, we plugged in our sump pump into our car outlet.  A temporary solution that saved us with the electricity coming back on within the hour.  While I would love to have a whole house generator, we found the battery backup was the most cost-effective solution in a power outage to keep our home safe and dry. 

I have set a calendar reminder for June 15 five years from now to replace both the sump pump and battery backup power.  As your friend and Realtor, please consider checking the age of your sump pump if it runs during rainfall.  A battery backup may be a good home safety feature to consider.  In some cases, a battery backup may lower your home owner’s insurance premium.  Feel free to call, text, or email for plumber or vendor options. We can discuss your needs or any concerns you have as well. 


Heather Morris

Broker Associate Realtor with Skogman