Isn’t it interesting how some homes go up for sale and sell almost immediately and others stay for sale for what seems to be an eternity?  Many homes that are on the market for a while even lower their price, and still don’t sell.  From a Realtor’s perspective, homes that are not prepared to sell, DON’T!  I’d like to share a few suggestions we offer to sellers in our initial pre-list appointment. 

Phase one of our plan is to de-clutter and clean.  Organization is key to creating the “feeling” of space.  Bedrooms, closets, cupboards, pantries, garages, and utility rooms all need to be minimized.  If you need help you can take a picture of the clutter in question to a home improvement store.  They will have ideas to store, stack, and organize your personal goods.  Since you are moving anyway, pack fifty percent away.  So many of our sellers tell us they LOVE their new home, and they haven’t even moved yet.  They just didn’t remember how big and nice their current home was before it became cluttered. Remember to remove family pictures and the “wall of fame” from the refrigerator so the buyer can picture the home as “theirs”.  To finish phase one, wipe down surfaces, touch up paint, and clean.

Phase two of our preparing the home for sale is to neutralize.  Flooring and wall color should be Realtor beige or grey to maximize the buyer potential.  Take down any wallpaper or borders.  This décor dates your house and limits buyers.  Once neutralized, add color with accessory towels, pillows and swap out wall art.

The most important step in preparing your home for sale is the face-lift.  Curb appeal can make or break the buyers emotion to move forward.  Most buyers look online at the photos first.  If the photos are clean and appealing, they will download the virtual tour.  If there is still interest at this point, next comes the “drive by.”  To be well presented from the curb, freshen landscape, do not have any chipping paint, clean the gutters and power-wash the home if needed to make sure the home is welcoming. Exterior curb appeal needs to be show quality for the buyer to consider this an option for their home.  Let’s make them “have to” live here.

With spring at our doorstep, it’s time to clean and repair. Call 350-7653 for a free seller pre-list kit. 


Heather Morris CRS, GRI, ABR, CLHMS

Broker Associate

Skogman Realty